Customer Service Solutions

Why CMD Outsourcing Solutions?

CMD understands that, for government institutions, whether state, local, or federal, reputation is everything.

Agencies at every level can gain by putting the needs and wants of their customers first. CMD’s services are designed to enhance your reputation as a timely and effective communicator.

With every client and every engagement, our objective is to act professionally, ethically, and with integrity. This guiding principle is the standard for every decision and action in all of our business relationships.


Outsource your inbound and outbound phone call support to CMD to improve operational efficiency.


Our email support services are integrated with all other constituent support provided to your agency.


Web-based, always on, the software solution allows you to communicate with constituents at a lower cost than traditional person-to-person real-time contact.


Texting (or SMS) enables you to deliver information in a way that’s personalized, easily accessible, and instantaneous.


A chatbot powered by AI may address many of your constituents’ questions, all without adding staff!

Customer Service Solutions for Government

Get started with a conversation on how our support services can assist your department or agency in meeting your customer service needs.

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